What if you can't get to the grocery store or don't want to go into town for any reason?

Maybe you've had a rough week and just don't feel like getting out. Maybe you want to keep from catching the flu this season. There's ice on the roads!  Or, maybe the threat alert level is just too high and it might be better to avoid crowded areas.  

Maybe now is the right time to build an emer-gency food supply, or--perhaps--to have a total emergency preparedness plan, or maybe now’s the time to put together a short-term emergency preparedness kit.

Plus … More and more of those sailing long distances (even sailing around the world) are turning to our canned dehydrated foods, canned meats, freeze-dried foods (and more) to stock their galley. For them, there IS no grocery store for weeks-at-a-time!

Whatever your reason for wanting storable foods, our site has reasonable, affordable, delicious solutions found in dehydrated foods, freeze dried foods, dry vegetables, dehydrated eggs, dry mixes, as well as our real canned meats, and (wow!) you can shop just like you do NOW in your grocery store! (We don’t force you to accept our menus, like some others are doing these days….)

So, come on in and look around.  We’re really glad you found us!

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