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Learn the truth about the difference between dehydrated foods and freeze dried foods

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Our Weekly Emergency Foods Mini-Notes

The time for preparation is growing short!

It seems everyone is publishing videos warning of disaster coming.  With our national debt at $14+ trillion (which is impossible to pay back without ALL our wealth being confiscated), the government stockpiling billions of bullets, the increasing losses of our freedoms, the military performing embarrassingly, Obama surrendering to the Taliban, his promise to “fundamentally change America” is here.

YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO PREPARE WHEN THE DISASTER HITS!   Do it now.  We’re only months away….

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Our Food Choices Non-Food Emergency Items Non-Hybrid Seeds, Sprouts & Sprouters Dehydrated vs. Freeze Dried Caution! Before you buy from new emergency food companies Dehydrated vs. Freeze Dried

The effect of an EMP attack on the USA. Must see!

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Violence is coming.  Here’s why….